Supporting people with Developmental Disabilities to live awesome ordinary lives.

Working together with families to create a customized future plan, and providing the know-how to make it happen.

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Families helping families.

Hi there, I'm Eric Goll. 

I started Empowering Ability after working through a crisis with my family - in which my family found ourselves alone with little support and unsure of what to do.

We elevate people with developmental disabilities, by working together with their families to create awesome lives, beyond what was originally thought possible!

Empowering Ability is founded upon having an abundant, positive and forward-thinking mindset. Society has put low expectations on people with developmental disabilities for too long. Together, we’re raising the bar and creating equal opportunities for our family members.

It is our purpose to support you to help your family member with a developmental disability to enjoy life to its fullest, EVERY DAY.


Check what families think about Empowering Ability Academy

Diane Eby


"I feel that we are now ready to start implementing and moving ahead with a plan for our loved one.

The Empowering Ability Academy was an excellent tool to get our family and support group started on the journey of planning for the future of our loved one with a disability. The informative sessions are extremely helpful in keeping us accountable and moving forward."

Carrie Ahrens


"Eric's delivery and the content is first class. The experience and tools you acquire are well worth the investment in time and money. I feel like there is a path to getting to a place where we have a plan to try on and build up for both our son and daughter."

Barbara Maj


"It is a MUST for every family, who cares for a person with intellectual/ developmental disability. Eric empowers us caregivers by helping with creating a vision, a plan and very powerful tools. I have less fear now because I got info to direct me to all the resources that I can access to help my daughter prosper."


Discover how we make a difference with your family

Craft a powerful life vision, increase your loved one’s capability, create an individualized home, foster connection, empower contribution and remember self-compassion.

These are the elements upon which our Academy and community are built.

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