Plan an Awesome Ordinary Life for Your Love One with a Developmental Disability.

In this FREE Life Planning 101 PDF Guide, you'll discover the 7-Step Life Planning process to support your loved one to:

🌱 Develop independence,

 πŸ‘₯ Have meaningful relationships,

🀝 Be included their community,

🏠 Create a home of their own,

πŸ’– And the right support!

EMpowering Ability COURSES

Learn how our Life Plan Coaching Program course will help your loved one build an Awesome 'Ordinary' Life.

Help your loved one with a developmental disability break free of the 'special needs' labels placed on them and build their own Awesome 'Ordinary' Life. Get the knowledge, support, and a community of like-minded families to help your loved one grow their independence, build friendships, create their own home, and more!

Your Loved One with a Developmental Disability CAN Have an Awesome Ordinary Life!

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Discover the 7 Proven Strategies to Increase INDEPENDENCE for Your Loved One with a Disability.

In this FREE guide, you'll discover:

βœ“ How to increase your loved one's motivation.

βœ“ Strategies to increase their confidence and autonomy.

βœ“ Insights to create positive momentum.

about Eric Goll

From My Family To Yours

Hi there, I'm Eric Goll. 

After years of struggle, learning, and work, my family found our way forward. Other families started to ask how we did it, and that is how Empowering Ability was born. We work together with families to help their loved ones with a developmental disability create their own Awesome 'Ordinary' Life.

Empowering Ability is founded upon having an abundant, positive, and forward-thinking mindset. Society has put low expectations on people with developmental disabilities for too long. Together, we're changing the idea of what is possible and helping our loved ones to become contributing members of their community.

It is our purpose to support our loved ones with developmental disabilities to be valued citizens and create their own Awesome 'Ordinary' Life.


5-minute video tips for families.

Thinking about 'housing' for your loved one with a developmental disability?

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How EA Has Helped Families

Diane Eby


"I feel that we are now ready to start implementing and moving ahead with a plan for our loved one.

The Empowering Ability Course was an excellent tool to get our family and support group started on the journey of planning for the future of our loved one with a disability. The informative sessions are extremely helpful in keeping us accountable and moving forward."

Carrie Ahrens


"Eric's delivery and the content is first class. The experience and tools you acquire are well worth the investment in time and money. I feel like there is a path to getting to a place where we have a plan to try on and build up for both our son and daughter."

Barbara Maj


"It is a MUST for every family, who cares for a person with intellectual/ developmental disability. Eric empowers us caregivers by helping with creating a vision, a plan and very powerful tools. I have less fear now because I got info to direct me to all the resources that I can access to help my daughter prosper."

I’d love to talk about what matters to you.