#002 – The 5 Life and Financial Stages for Families With A Disability

March 21, 2017

the 5 financial stages for families with disability with tom mahoney

Tom Mahoney is one of the parents I met in the last 6 weeks as I connected with 25 families and individuals with a disability. Tom’s son (featured on the left in the picture) has autism. In this podcast episode Tom shares his journey as a parent with the many joys and challenges he’s had. 

Tom changed careers to fit his life and is now a licensed financial advisor. Tom shares an interesting perspective of a parent in a family with a disability, and having great financial knowledge.

Tom shares his financial life stages model for families with a disability to help families understand the ‘big picture’ – no matter what life stage your family is in. Tom also provides great life and financial questions that your family with a disability should be asking as you travel your journey through the 5 life stages.

What you will learn in this episode

  • Hear Tom’s  journey as a parent of a son with autism.
  • Learn the financial life stages model of a family with a child with a disability
  • Discover the keys to financial success
  • Learn the life and financial questions you should ask at every life stage

How to contact Tom Mahoney

Email: [email protected]


Specific products were not discussed in depth in this episode, but here is a great resource on the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) in Canada. http://www.rdsp.com/

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