#003: Independent Facilitation and Support Circles Enriching Lives

March 21, 2017

independent faciliation and support circles enriching lives with joanna goode

Joanna Goode, is the Director of Facilitation Wellington Dufferin, and is the independent facilitator for my sister and family. Joanna and I have worked together for the last year to implement Sarah’s support circle and Sarah has seen tremendous growth during that time. A big part of Sarah’s growth is directly linked to the support that Joanna and Sarah’s support circle have been providing. 

Joanna has a lot of experience working with families and individuals with a disability. In this episode, Joanna and I discuss what independent facilitation is and the similarities/ differences to coaching. Joanna also shares a story of a young woman and how independent facilitation and a support circle have benefited her through the transition to post-high-school. Lastly, we discuss how to start working with a facilitator.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Discover Independent facilitation and support circles 
  • What is the investment? Cost? Benefit?
  • Hear success stories with facilitation and support circles
  • Learn how to start working with an independent facilitator 

How to contact Joanna Goode and Facilitation Wellington Dufferin:

Website: www.facilitationwd.com

Phone: 226-326-0916

E-mail: [email protected]



Ontario Independent Facilitation Network: http://www.oifn.ca/

If you are outside of Ontario Google ‘Independent Facilitation + your location’  to find local facilitators.

Love & Respect,


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