#003: Independent Facilitation and Support Circles Enriching Lives

Joanna Goode, is the Director of Facilitation Wellington Dufferin, and is the independent facilitator for my sister and family. Joanna and I have worked together for the last year to implement Sarah’s support circle and Sarah has seen tremendous growth during that time. A big part of Sarah’s growth is directly linked to the support that Joanna and Sarah’s support circle have been providing. 

Joanna has a lot of experience working with families and individuals with a disability. In this episode Joanna and I discuss what independent facilitation is and the similarities/ differences to coaching. Joanna also shares a story of a young woman and how independent facilitation and a support circle has benefited her through the transition to post high-school. Lastly, we discuss how to start working with a facilitator.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Discover Independent facilitation and support circles 
  • What is the investment? Cost? Benefit?
  • Hear success stories with facilitation and support circles
  • Learn how to start working with an independent facilitator 

How to contact Joanna Goode and Facilitation Wellington Dufferin:

Website: www.facilitationwd.com

Phone: 226-326-0916

E-mail: info@facilitationwd.com



Ontario Independent Facilitation Network: http://www.oifn.ca/

If you are outside of Ontario Google ‘Independent Facilitation + your location’  to find local facilitators.

Love & Respect,


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