#017: Housing; What Should We Do? With Keenan Wellar

June 27, 2017

housing what should we do with keenan wellar

In this week’s podcast I share unreleased audio from our very first guest on the podcast, Keenan Wellar. Keenan is the innovative Co-founder and Co-leader of LiveWorkPlay, a developmental service agency that works to facilitate community connections and relationships in Ottawa, ON.

At the end of the podcast recording in Episode 1; “The movement to individualized support, and accessing developmental support services”, I ask Keenan, “What is the most common question you get asked in your role as Co-leader at LiveWorkPlay?”. Keenan replies “Housing – what should we do in housing?”
When answering this question, Keenan takes a coach approach by asking a lot of questions in order to draw out the best answer for that family. A couple of questions that Keenan will ask are;
Where do most citizens tend to live in your community? (Let’s start there)
What are the barriers to those outcomes (living in ‘ordinary’ housing) ?
These are great questions to get you thinking about the best solution for you and your family. To help guide your thinking process I’ve created a FREE workbook to help you create your vision of the best housing solution for you and to take the first steps toward implementing your solution. Click Here to download the free workbook.
Keenan shares, “If we just look at the systemic one size fits all housing solution then we are closing a lot of doors.” I agree. We also might not be creating an environment for a person with a disability to flourish by taking a one size fits all approach.
Keenan also touches on the problem of isolation and loneliness for people with a disability, and how important it is to work on developing unpaid relationships. Keenan and I dive deep into building social capital topic with Al Condeluci in Episode 6; “Social Capital; Building Relationships for Improved Well-Being”
Take a listen to this podcast to get a different perspective on creating the best home for you and your loved one.

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How to Contact Keenan Wellar and LiveWorkPlay:

Website: http://liveworkplay.ca/

Phone: 613-702-0332

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