The #1 Barrier to Independence

July 1, 2021

Our families and loved ones experience many additional barriers that others do not. There are social acceptance barriers, a lack of resources available, accessibility barriers… and the list goes on! But, none of these is the biggest barrier to your loved one’s independence. 

Click the video below to learn about the #1 barrier to your loved one’s independence and how you can overcome it! 

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  • Since I discovered that my child would be delayed I was not going to accept that and worked to make her as independent as possible in hopes that she would at some time she would be able to live on her own. I pushed and pushed her to do everything her sisters did as they grew up. She ended up being very
    capable of doing more than the specialist said she would be able to do. Now I feel that we as parents are standing in the way of her keeping those skills because she is Tired of listening to us and needs someone else to listen to and interact with in a different setting. I need her out of my house.

  • This was great and really helped me to see how my interactions with my daughter and perception of her as a learner can hold back her independence. Independence is probably my number one concern for her and her wellbeing and quality of life.

  • Your videos are invaluable. Thank you. I am a grandmother of a teenage boy with Autism. He is growing up & I hope to assist his mother to reframe how she vocalises with him. She is a helicopter mother, who needs to let go a little(her words) Lots to consider rethinking our language towards our loved one.

  • Your words are so true! I thank my mentor Charlene who changed my way of thinking so many years ago. My son is ready for independence! Belief in capability and possibilities makes this happen. Love your videos Eric.

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