The #1 Thing Learned Supporting Sarah To Create Her Own Home

September 13, 2020

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In this video, Sarah and I each share the #1 thing that we’ve learned over the last 5-years working together to help Sarah get a home of her own!

Moving forward, I’ll be releasing a weekly video to share more insights and tips to support your loved one with a developmental disability to create their own awesome ‘ordinary’ life.

Also, I’ve created the Ultimate Guide to Independence for People with Developmental Disabilities and their families, which shares the top five most effective things we can do to support a person with a developmental disability to grow their independence.

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  • Thank you for this introduction video! I would love to see a video of “A Day in the Life of Sarah” in her home and what she does around the house to give us a better idea of how a person with a disability can live independently. Is this in the works?


    • Hi Ann, I love this suggestion. It isn’t currently in the works, but I’ll keep the idea in mind. Sarah is just getting more comfortable with video and sharing her story. She also just moved and is working on setting up her life in a new city. So, this type of video is more likely on a medium-term horizon. I appreciate the idea! Keep them coming.


  • Thanks for sharing Sarah & Eric! This is awesome! Looking forward to more of your insights & tips.
    Would love to keep hearing about Sarah’s progress in her new place and she’s overcoming her challenges. Blessings to Sarah and her family.


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