What I Learned from 100 Families

October 31, 2020

[Click above to play short video]

Thank you to the over 100 families who actively engaged in the Live EA Masterclass Workshop from October 16th – 18th!

It was Amazing! I want to thank all of the families that joined Live and watched the Replay. I did four (4) lives, and there were over 2000 comments! I’m just getting to reading every last one of them now.

We learned so much together as a group of families, and many families made a ton of progress. I’ve been reflecting on what helped families to make the most progress. So, I recorded this short video to share the three (3) biggest things that moved the needle.

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    • Hi Shirley-Ann, Awesome! Thank you for sharing 🙂

      It was also great to have you as a part of the free masterclass!

      very best,

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