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Ever wonder how other families are helping their loved one gain independence?

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Ready to tap into the collective wisdom of over 100 families with a loved one with different levels of disability?

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1. Seeing your loved one as Capable

The first bunch of independence tips are all about how these families changed the way that they thought about their loved one.

2. Working with your loved one to grow

Once you have shifted to see your loved one as a capable adult, then you need to support them to grow into their potential.

3. Supporting Responsibility

To take your loved one's growth to the next level, they have to be trusted with responsibility.

All It Takes Is One Idea, One Strategy, One Tactic,
OR One Shift To Make A Massive Difference In Your Loved One's Independence.

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Hi, I'm Eric Goll

For the last 7 years, I've been working intimately with hundreds of families to transform their loved one's life from a 'Special Needs' life into an 'Awesome Ordinary' life.

It all started by helping my sister Sarah (left in photo) to move out of mom and dad's house and into her very own apartment!

Other families started asking me, "How'd you do it?" and I've now guided over 500 families and counting!

And through it all I've discovered what works, and what doesn't and the subtle things that make a big difference in helping a family move forward.

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