How to make 2021 the year of possibility with your loved one

January 2, 2021

In this short video, I share how you can make 2021 the year of possibility with your loved one. (Note: Click the image above to play the video)

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  • I think I need to join the EA club – I am stalled with planning my daughters future home and life. She does not seem motivated to move and likes things the way they are. Unfortunately we know they will not always be this way , with her living at home with Mom and Dad who are almost 70. I have a group of other families who are also interested in homes for their adult children but looking to me to “find the ideas and solutions”- and I cannot even figure out my own solution ! Thanks for the thought provoking videos.

    • Hi Lois, thank you for your comment. There is surely a lot to consider when supporting your daughter to plan her future. I’m glad you find the videos thought provoking! EA Club registration is currently open. I’ll send you an email with the link to more information.

  • ERIC, Love this video. I am looking forward to 2021. Have learned a lot last year from you and the members of the EA club. I can’t wait to learn more in 2021. I still need to learn a lot more and participate more, to get more people on board to help me with the girls to get them to live this awesome ordinary life that is available to them, through hard work and dedication. Thanks you so much Eric for this Empowering Ability Course. This is one of THE best investment I ever made.

    • Hi Camille, It has been awesome to have you as a member of EA Club! I’m glad that your excited to learn more in 2021. And wow, one of the best investments you’ve ever made! Amazing! I’m glad EA Club is paying off for you and your daughters!

  • Thank you for your insights. I am trying to navigate all waters of adulthood. This is my son’s last year of high school. We are on the edge of the cliff. I enjoy how inspiring you are with possibilities.

    • Hi Sally. I can understand the challenge of transitioning from high school into adult life. I’m glad you found us – I’ve got a workshop coming up in February that I think you’ll find helpful.

  • Thank you Eric for offering your positive outlook in each video…we ARE looking forward to 2021 as the year of possibility.

  • Thank you Eric for all your great videos, positive comments and to make us see the Ordinary and the Possibilities for our daughter. Listening to you brings some inner strength to continue to go forward one step at a time.
    Happy New Year 2021 – the best is yet to come

  • Thank you for the encouraging video; it takes us from out of the cold to a warm fireside. We have Hope and with all the help available we can DO this with our Loved ones

  • I’m Brand new to this group. Really need support and guidance as I accept the new role as caregiver for my son. You are so encouraging and it is comforting to have a positive light agreeing it is possible to build an awesome independent life… however that might look…and it’s different for each person.

  • Happy New Year, Eric!
    Happy New Year everyone!
    Love this outdoor motivational video, Eric.
    I just mentioned to my husband earlier how important for us to have a leader and a group to order to move forward with our son.
    Thank you for your work, Eric!

    • Hi Victoria, I appreciate your kind words! I’m glad your family is part of the EA Community – you contribute so much!
      – Eric

  • I am very excited about your program and I believe this will help me with my daughter’s and some of my student’s needs as well. Thank you so very much!

  • Thank you Eric for always sending out your positive comments.
    As we enter the New Year being positive should be our greatest focus as we navigate the challenges ahead.There will be many posibilities out there if we just know when to seize the opportunities when they present themselves.

  • Thank you so much for your inspiring thoughts. I have spent a lot of time this past 6 months trying to help my granddaughter navigate through the internet to learn new options now that her day program has been closed. I was so discouraged as I saw her turn inward and try to isolate herself from everyone around her. She was no longer the bubbly friendly person she had always been. She loves her ipad though and we are enjoying zoom now. I can only hope it continues after she goes back to her parents.

    • Hi Sue, Thank you for sharing your experience! There are opportunities for relationships, even during this time. Video calling is a great way to connect!

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