A Special Vs. Ordinary Life For Your Loved One with a Developmental Disability | Autism

March 27, 2024

As soon as you are told that your loved one with a developmental disability or autism is “special,” everything changes…

If your family’s journey has been like mine, you have been told that your loved one will…

…never graduate,

… never live independently,

… get a job.

There are a lot of “they will never” thrown your way.

It’s devastating and holds your loved one back. But guess what?

Your loved one can live an “awesome ordinary life” instead of settling for a “special” one.

Watch the video below to learn how:

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It can be really helpful to learn how other families have turned it around, escaped the “special”, and embraced the ordinary.

First, there is Allison and her son Cameron. Initially resigned to the idea of a day program and group home, Cameron now works at a hardware store, cooks his meals, and enjoys a circle of friends and family helping him to make his own decisions.

Then there is Angie and her son Jon. Angie learned about the ordinary possibilities for Jon and set them into action. Jon went from graduating high school to getting his first paid part time job, learning how to cook, taking the bus and playing in the ordinary basketball pick up game at the YMCA.

Next, there is Kim and her daughter Kyra. Kim led her family to have a major reset about Kyra’s capability level and the possibility of greater independence, despite Kyra’s significant disability. Kim has also got her family on board with a detailed plan for Kyra’s own home, and has made huge progress setting up the right supports so that she is doing less caregiving.

And these are just a few of the hundreds of success stories that I can share with you about families supporting their loved one to go from living a “special” to “ordinary” life.

How did they accomplish it?

It all starts with building an individualized Life Plan for your loved one.

And the great news is that I have a free upcoming online Life Plan Workshop where I will show you exactly how to build that individualized Life Plan for your loved one.

I invite you to join my upcoming free Life Plan workshop by registering here.

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