The Empowering Ability Academy

Ready to create an awesome future with your family? 

At The Empowering Ability Academy, we help families overcome the worry of an uncertain future by creating a customized plan with strategies and support to build an ordinary everyday life, and create peace of mind for the future.

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You’ve been trying to find your way through what is best for your son, daughter, sibling, or friend with an Intellectual or Developmental Disability (IDD).

You’re here because you won’t accept what is offered by the ‘system’ as good enough, and you are determined to create the best possible life for your loved one.

Inside the Empowering Ability Academy, you will be joining a like-minded community of families and guided in creating the life you want for your family.

As families, we are truly better together! So let’s work together to empower our family members with an IDD!



A fresh new vision will give you direction, clarity, and purpose in your life and for your loved one’s life.


Decrease loneliness and isolation through the development of long-lasting relationships via personal support networks and community engagement.


Fulfill your loved one’s need to contribute by uncovering their interests and unleashing their strengths to create meaning in their world.


Increase your loved one’s capability by boosting self-reliance and developing optimal support.


Learn alternatives to sub-optimal government-supported residences and take control of creating an enriching home for your loved one.


Learn how to access funding, maximize your support dollars, and create an estate plan for a secure future.


Care for yourself is crucial and we teach you the self-care techniques that empower you to provide even better care for your loved one.

Our resources are dedicated to helping you create a family-led, best-for-the-individual plan that leads to your loved with an IDD getting to live an awesome life.

That means: no segregation, no oppression, no group home.

At The EA Academy, we know that families know best and that our family members with an IDD have the right to a fulfilling life. We connect families and support you through a learning journey to create the future you want for your family.


Eric’s patient and positive guidance and skillful strategies were extremely helpful.
     – Mother, who has a daughter with a developmental disability

Eric helped me in many ways to transform my life into something I find more enjoyable, purposeful and challenging.
    – Individual with a disability

Eric initiated my internal power and showed me one more time how I was successful in the past and how can I be even more successful in the future.
– Father, who has a son with a developmental disability

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