Alina & Juliana’s Journey To Independence

February 3, 2023

Alina, the mother of 17-year-old Juliana, joined me to talk about their experience of going from complete dependence on Mom to Juliana growing her capability and independence.

Alina was doing EVERYTHING for Juliana. The idea of independence was there, but Alina was locked into the habit of doing everything.

When Alina thought about Juliana’s independence, her fears kicked in, creating a state of overwhelm and keeping them stuck. This resulted in Juliana learning that she couldn’t do things.

Then things started to change when Alina and I began to work together. Alina’s awareness and mental outlook shifted, which was the key to unlocking Juliana’s independence.

Alina no longer feels like the caretaker and has to solve all the problems. Juliana and Alina are now on an equal footing, having more open dialogue, and Juliana is starting to lead her own life!

Tap the video below to learn from Alina about how she made this huge positive shift in herself and her family.

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  • I have watched the videos and this seems like a great opportunity for ambulatory disabled people. How does this type program work for wheelchair bound disability? Need assistance to toilet and bath. Would be interested in seeing how this was accomplished.

  • I can resonate with what Alina said about Julianna how she kept doing everything for her, and her fear getting started. How she started to have open conversation with her daughter about life after school.
    I had no way to turn when the girls left school in 2012. Thank God I can do something now, because of Eric and the Life Plan Workshop, the Independent Workshop and The Facebook Group.
    Aline story about Julianna was and is really awesome to listen to. Thanks Alina for the podcast with Eric.

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