Breaking The #1 Bad Habit Families Have

November 7, 2020

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In 2017, when my sister moved out of mom and dad’s home, and in with me as a roommate – I quickly noticed a really bad habit that I had… and that my parents had.

This bad habit had been stopping my sister’s growth for years.

Then, I started noticing this bad habit popping up with the families that I work with. And, I realized that as family members, we all have it.

In this video, I share the #1 bad habit that we have as families, my family experience with this bad habit, and how you can break this bad habit to unlock your loved one’s growth.

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  • Thank you Eric! You are absolutely right, if we don’t give our loved ones the chance to at the very least ‘try it’ we will never know what they can do. I have adopted this thinking and my daughter is doing so many more things that we never thought her limitations would allow her to do. The eye opener for me was once I adopted this way of thinking SHE began to look for and ask to try out other tasks…this gave her the sense of confidence that ‘maybe she could do other things too’. If she tries and can’t we are all ok about it and move on, and when she can she puts that task in her tool box and adopts it as part of her daily/weekly routine. We become the ‘checker’ if the task is done rather than the ‘doer’. This has helped us in filling up her tool box with things that will help her towards independence.

    • Thank you for sharing, Teresa! I love that you have taken on the ‘Holding Capable’ mindset and that your daughter is experiencing a lot of growth!


  • Thank you Eric for spending the time to do this video. I agree with you totally. I have been working with my deaf/autistic daughter by giving her the opportunity to do things. She is very observant and is at the point where she is eager to do things and will grasp the opportunity to try. Communication is still a problem but she continues to be keen to learn sign language. My message is “never say never”. Best regards and keep up the good work.

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