Will my loved one be okay?

August 28, 2021

The┬ábig question on the minds of all of the caregivers that I work with is…
How do I convince myself that my loved one will be okay for a time when I can’t be there for them?

This question can play over and over in your mind and cause sleepless nights. But that’s not helpful.

In this video, I share how families are successfully ‘convincing’ themselves that their loved one will be okay, and it involves doing more than just thinking about it!

Click the video below to keep learning…

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  • The life plan step and emotional readiness were the key things that resonated with me. I think that the pandemic has helped with emotional readiness and not all in a negative way. I think it forced me to evolve as a parent and I think it led to some positive growth internally but also made me reach out more to widen the conversation about my children’s future. I think your workshops and videos are really helpful in this regard.

  • on your Video being confident that our loved one will be ok when we are no longer available to assist in life’s desires, was well said and practical. I think the phrase you stated that stayed with me as a parent of a daughter who uses services to access the life she desires, was when you said, “Action on Emotional Readiness.” I found that phrase helpful because it is a matter of being emotionally ready to move forward, or to take action. When my daughter was ready to move out of our home and I was not ready, I needed to be out numbered by folks who convinced me they’d be there to support her and they had confidence that she was ready for the transition. This helped me to get emotionally ready for the action. Thank you for your contribution Eric.

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