The Truth Behind Disability Only Workplaces for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities | Autism

There’s a cafe a few towns over that hires mostly individuals with developmental disabilities.You may have seen these types of businesses in your area: a cafe, a thrift store, or a packaging facility.The family behind ...Continue Reading

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jobs for adults with disabilities

A Special Vs. Ordinary Life For Your Loved One with a Developmental Disability | Autism

As soon as you are told that your loved one with a developmental disability or autism is “special,” everything changes… If your family’s journey has been like mine, you have been told that your loved ...Continue Reading

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When Is the Right Time to Create a Life Plan for My Loved One with a Disability?

My sister Sarah, full of life and talents, found herself stuck at home for a decade after high school. It was a wasted decade, and she missed out on the joy and contribution she could ...Continue Reading

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What is Person-Centered Planning?

The ‘Special’ plan that others have for your loved one with a developmental disability is NOT a good one. (I.e. a group home and a day program.) But here’s the thing— your loved one can ...Continue Reading

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How to Engage a Neurotypical Sibling To Support A Sibling with Autism | Developmental Disability

When I was 16, my dad had a serious talk with me about something unexpected… …Taking care of my older sister with a developmental disability if something happened to our parents. It was a lot ...Continue Reading

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What is a Circle of Support?

You want the best care for your loved one with a developmental disability, not just for now but for the years to come…So, this is why your loved one needs a Circle of Support, sometimes ...Continue Reading

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Strengthening Your Loved One’s Safety Net & Building Their Support Circle

I know that YOU are your loved one’s safety net. You are there for them. You’ve got their back. BUT who will be there when you can’t be? This might be the fear that keeps ...Continue Reading

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Motivating Your Loved One with Disability and Overcoming Learned Helplessness

Your loved one with a disability can likely achieve more than you think. However, the transition was not so smooth. Picture this: During our first week together, Sarah would enter the kitchen in the morning ...Continue Reading

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