No One Dreams Of Going To A Day Program

Are you feeling frustrated with the limited options available for your loved one with a developmental disability? Do you feel like they’re just going through the motions at their day program without really growing or ...Continue Reading

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Learn How Elaine Shifted From Caregiver to Coach and Created an Awesome Ordinary Life with Spencer

In this conversation, Spencer and Elaine share how they went from butting heads with each other to collaboratively creating an Awesome Ordinary Life for Spencer. It’s a story that I believe will resonate with many ...Continue Reading

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People Do NOT Want To Live In Group Homes

You might agree with me, or you might disagree with me. BUT, you must consider the truth of the living environment and experience of the person when we group people with disabilities and force them ...Continue Reading

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Alina & Juliana’s Journey To Independence

Alina, the mother of 17-year-old Juliana, joined me to talk about their experience of going from complete dependence on Mom to Juliana growing her capability and independence. Alina was doing EVERYTHING for Juliana. The idea ...Continue Reading

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Paid Supporters are NOT your loved one’s friend.

Do you pay people to act like your friend? I didn’t think so. So why is it acceptable for paid supporters to act like our loved one’s friend when they are NOT in a friendship?! ...Continue Reading

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How Chloe left the high school transitions program and gained paid employment

To help you see more ordinary life possibilities for your loved ones with developmental disabilities, I will share stories of families working with their loved ones to take steps forward to create an Awesome Ordinary ...Continue Reading

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What To Do When Someone Uses The R-word

As the pandemic has eased, I have spent more time with people close to me and in ordinary community places. And it has been alarming to me how many people are still using the R-Word! ...Continue Reading

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Hope in 2023.

2022 was a challenging year for families who have a loved one with a developmental disability. So if you are feeling this way, you aren’t alone. An ongoing pandemic and sickness, inflation hitting our wallets, ...Continue Reading

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