How Do I Create A Life Plan?

I’ve been talking about life planning and creating a life plan these last few weeks… And I’ve received many questions from families on this topic. The most common question is… “How do I create a life ...Continue Reading

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Which of these 2 paths is your loved one on?

There are two (2) very different paths for your loved one who has a developmental disability… Which path is your loved one on?!…The “Special Needs” path -OR- the “Awesome Ordinary” path. Each path provides a ...Continue Reading

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From Day Program To Paid Job w/ Joni

When you change your thinking, you change your results. That is what happened with Joni… She thought that her son would be going to a day program and eventually be living in a group home… ...Continue Reading

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What is a Life Plan?

If you don’t have a plan, you’re planning to fail. – Benjamin Franklin We need to plan for who will care for our loved one with a developmental disability for when the time comes that we ...Continue Reading

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Doing more everyday things.

Do you want to increase your loved one’s motivation and ability to do more of the everyday things? Of course, you do. We all want our loved one to be growing their independence. So I’ve ...Continue Reading

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Stop telling, start listening.

Do you find yourself continually prompting your loved one to take care of their responsibilities around the house?! It gets exhausting. I’ve got a different approach for you to try this week… To start, take ...Continue Reading

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Safety vs. developing independence

How do you keep your loved one safe while enabling them to develop their independence? If you want to learn how you can stop overprotecting your loved one and limiting their life experiences click the ...Continue Reading

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Achieving Your Goals in 2022

Happy 2022! This year, I want to help you to live into the “Awesome Ordinary” life goals that you’ve got in your mind for your loved one and family. Over the holidays, I read Will ...Continue Reading

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