Spotlight on Julia: A Story of Hope and Independence

I’ve got a story you won’t want to miss—a true tale of transformation that’ll leave you feeling optimistic about the awesome ordinary possibilities for your loved one with a disability. Meet Julia, a 25-year-old actress ...Continue Reading

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Building Independence with Routines & Failures

You’re a loving mother committed to building independence with your loved one who has a developmental disability. I know it’s challenging, but there’s a way to help your loved one’s independence flourish. This short video ...Continue Reading

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Small Steps = Big Progress, for your Loved One with a Developmental Disability

Is your loved one’s progress feeling slow? I want to share a story with you, one that offers a path to independence that you’ve been looking for. In this video, you’ll learn from Lori’s journey, ...Continue Reading

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Decision-Making Leads to Your Loved One’s Independence

I’d like to tell you a story. Florence, like many moms, always decided for her teenager with a developmental disability, thinking it was for his safety. But deep down, she realized this made him more ...Continue Reading

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The Secret Sauce to Motivating Your Loved One

Tired of the constant nagging to try and motivate your loved one with a developmental disability to do more at home? Imagine a world where your loved one is interested in growing their independence without ...Continue Reading

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Transitioning Towards Independence at Home

Let’s face it, stepping into the realm of independence for your loved one with developmental disabilities can seem daunting. But guess what? With a few clever tools and strategies, you can create a home environment ...Continue Reading

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Using Technology to Improve the Safety of your Loved One

Discover the power of supportive technologies for individuals with developmental disabilities. I’ll show you the potential of GPS tracking and video monitoring, which can create a safety net for your loved one and promote independence. ...Continue Reading

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A Lifeline in Your Loved One’s Pocket

Are you a caregiver for your adult child with a developmental disability? Do you ever feel overwhelmed and scared, wondering who will love and care for your child when you’re no longer able to? I ...Continue Reading

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