#062 Joe Clayton’s Story: Institutionalization and Building Life Afterward

I’m honored to bring you this conversation I recorded with Joe Clayton; a vibrant photographer, artist, nature lover, and partner to Christina. Joe is a survivor of Rideau Regional Center; a closed institution in Smith Falls, Ontario. “We as the people, disabilities, we cry just like everybody else. We laugh like everybody else. We are …

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Developmental Disability and COVID19

Last updated: Monday, April 27th, 2020   The purpose of this page is to provide essential information and resources on the COVID-19 Pandemic for families with a family member with a developmental disability. Everyone must maintain social distancing. As much as possible, limit contact with people outside your family. There are several FREE COVID-19 weekly …

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The Power Of Positive Vision, with Lorna Sullivan

In this podcast, we cover a wide range of topics, including: doing away with deficit-based assessments, enhancing a person’s mana (explanation inside the podcast), the power of holding a positive vision, the rights of people with disabilities, tools for social inclusion, and much more!

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Libby Ellis, of InCharge

Taking Charge of Life, with Libby Ellis

“It is hard work. The social model of disability teaches us that it is going to be hard work. But, it was also hard work when Matthew was in institutional settings. In institutional settings, it was hard work to make a change because of the powerlessness [against the organization]. Now it [the social model] is hard work, just a different kind of hard work. For example, finding someone to live with Matthew. But now we have control and power.”

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Sexuality and Disability, with Dr. Margaret Newbury Jones

What do self-advocates need to know? “Language – if folks don’t have the right language to tell us that something happened, how can they tell us? If you don’t know the language of your body, how can you tell somebody when something goes wrong?”

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