Breaking the Caregiving Dependency Cycle

September 23, 2023

Ever catch yourself worrying that you’re loved one isn’t capable of independence?

Trust me, you’re not alone. My mom felt the same way about my sister Sarah.

Mom was so worried that Sarah couldn’t even get out of bed on her own. The truth was something else entirely.

… the lengths I had to go to prove it? Let’s just say it’s a story you don’t want to miss!

AND it could very well change how you approach your own caregiving journey.

​Let me tell you the story… ​watch the video below.

Press play below now!

P.S. Transform worry into action – Prepare your loved one for independence and a secure future:

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  • I love what you talk about but I noticed all the family’s you show is for going from family home with lots of family support what if loved one lives on his own and Mom goes many times a week to do everything with and for and has safety checks from support worker but is not sustainable as mom is 57 and has to work and lives 20 kms away and person being supported should have a better apartment in a safer city and has alot of unmet needs, is lonely and needs a safe walking / exercise buddy needs things to do safely it seems to me your system applies to people who have resources and lots of family available to participate?

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