How Chloe left the high school transitions program and gained paid employment

January 21, 2023

To help you see more ordinary life possibilities for your loved ones with developmental disabilities, I will share stories of families working with their loved ones to take steps forward to create an Awesome Ordinary Life.

Chloe was in a high school transition program for students with disabilities in her final years of high school.

She became increasingly frustrated by the lack of opportunity the transition program provided and felt like it was holding her back.

Chloe, supported by her mom, Laura, decided to leave the support of the transition program and pursue paid employment.

Today, Chloe is gainfully employed, building meaningful relationships with peers at work, and enjoying her interests in ordinary places in the community.

Click the video below to learn about creating an Awesome Ordinary Life from Chloe and Laura.

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  • Wow!! Watching this video for the third time motivates me to continue “on my path) of planning the rest of my life. The joy and love that Laura and Chloe share is clear and yes, it is hard. I’m positive the results of showing people how to plan their life will give their future a brighter outlook. Great work sharing your paths, future and present, Laura and Chloe.

  • Chloe and Laura, great job of sharing your story and experiences! Chloe you did an awesome job and it was fun hearing first-hand about your experiences. You and your Mom are a good team!! Best to you both, and hope to see an update video someday!!

  • Awesome Chloe, you have come a long way. It is great starting a new job, and enjoying it. I really enjoy listening this, very encouraging for me. Thank you.

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