A 14-week online course to help your loved one with a developmental disability create their own Awesome 'Ordinary' Life. [Grow independence, build friendships, create their own home, and more!]

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How 'Plan My Future' Helps You.

  • Your Guide to help your loved one with a disability to build their own Awesome 'Ordinary' Life.
  • Guaranteed to help your loved one increase their Capability (I.e., Independence).
  • Helps you build strong relationships, so others will be there with your loved one in the future.
  • Build your 5-year plan (I.e., person-directed plan).
  • Learn the best steps you can take to make faster progress implementing your plan.

Create Your Plan For The Now & Future.

The 'Plan My Future' Coaching Program is your guide to creating a customized plan for an Awesome Ordinary Life, and your guide to bring the plan to life. Together let's create a good life for with your loved one, and long-term peace of mind for your family!

You are supported by; (1) EA 7-Step Learning Curriculum, (2) LIVE Zoom Parent Support Calls, (3) LIVE Zoom Coaching Calls, (4) Private Parent Support Community.

The 'Plan My Future' Curriculum.



Module 1 is about connecting with yourself, connecting your family member with a disability, and connecting with others that know your family member well. We do this so that you can utilize your family's strengths, and to get a deep understanding of your family member with a disability so that the plan you build is in alignment with who they are!



Module 2 is about enhancing your family member's capability! You’ll empower your family member and accelerate their growth & independence, and create more interdependent relationships so they are less dependent on super-mom & dad.



Module 3 is about building and deepening relationships so that your family member can increase their feeling of belonging, have a more connected and enriched life, and increase their future stability beyond the immediate family.



Module 4 is all about enhancing our family member's contribution to society! When we are contributors to society we experience a greater sense of meaning in our life, we are viewed more positively by others, and we get access to more opportunities!



Module 5 is about creating a home that is absolutely best for our family member! Home is more than just the physical building, so we will identify all of the elements of home that are important to your family member and design the best home for them! This module is all about moving your family member forward toward having a home that they can call their own!


Support & Finance

Module 6 is about support and finances! The reality is that we need the right supports to make our 5-year vision a reality! You will learn about getting the right supports with your family member, how to maximize your supports, and you will start to build your financial plan for the future.



Module 7 is about creating more awesome in your family member's life! We all want to experience fun, adventure, love, nature, health, and the other awesome things life has to offer! We will be building a 5-year vision for all of these areas as well! This module also guides you on how to start implementing your new awesome plan!!!

What families are saying about 'Plan My Future':

Put your ideas and dreams into action.

This course gives you a way of putting into action all the ideas and dreams you have for your family member. Eric helps you to slow down and focus on what's important.

Laurie Frandsen  //  Parent

Build your roadmap with steps.

There is a roadmap, with step by step instructions to not only vision what could be a fabulous life with our loved one, but also ideas on how to get more people into their lives which is so crucial to having anything we get going actually be sustainable.

Carrie Ahrens //  Parent

Eric Goll  //  Family Member & Family Coach

I am dedicated to helping families find their path forward and to helping people with developmental disabilities live their own Awesome 'Ordinary' Life.

I've put absolutely everything that I have into this course to support your loved one and your family.

I'm incredibly proud of how the 'Plan My Future' Coaching Program has helped over 150 families so far. I hope that you will join the many other families that have created more independence with their family member, and a secure future for their family.

Eric Goll

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