Get ongoing monthly support for your family to help your loved one with a developmental disability to live into their own Awesome 'Ordinary' Life. 

EA Club is best for families that have already completed an EA course and want continued Learning, Support, Coaching, and Community!

How 'EA Club' Moves You Forward.

  • Support to make progress with your loved one every month!
  • Masterclasses to continue your family learning, and to continue building your plan. (I.e., Person directed plan.)
  • Coaching to help you work through your challenges and opportunities.
  • Guaranteed to help your loved one increase their Capability (I.e., Independence).
  • A supportive community of families to share experiences and resources.

Get the support that will help you make progress.


You are guided step by step with proven strategies to help your family member create their own life. As you learn, you will be implementing & making progress!


You get monthly live coaching calls to support you in making progress! If you get stuck, these calls are going to get you unstuck and taking action.

Support / Accountability

You get monthly live support calls with other families to learn from each other, and accountability to implement what you are learning and planning.


You get access to the private EA Club Connect platform, where you can connect with other family members to share your learning and experiences.

Year-Round Support with EA Club

EA Club is year-round support to create and implement your future plan with your family member with a disability. You get monthly access to Learning, Coaching, and Support to get your plan done and start putting it into place so that your family member with a disability can live their best life.

One of the most significant benefits of EA Club is the community of like-minded families. You will be supported by other families doing the work, and inspired by the progress that other people with disabilities are making. Other families will pull you forward into action and help your family member grow.

We will be covering all seven (7) essential areas of creating an awesome ordinary life, including; connect, capability, relationships, home, support and finance, and awesomeness! Each month we select a focus area so that you can continue to make progress!

EA Club is best for families that have already completed an EA course and want continued Learning, Support, Coaching, and Community! If this is you, join the waitlist below and I'll notify you when registration is opening.

Eric Goll  //  Family Member & Family Coach

I am dedicated to helping families find their path forward and to helping people with developmental disabilities live their own Awesome 'Ordinary' Life.

EA Club members get access to all of the newest resources, and ongoing support directly from me! 

There is an EA Club founding member group of families currently enrolled and making a ton of progress. I'll be reopening registration soon so that you can join this awesome community of families. I hope that you will join this group of families who are actively working to create an Awesome 'Ordinary' Life with their loved one.

Eric Goll

Frequently Asked Questions

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