How We Are Enabling Disability

July 23, 2021

Your loved one is more capable than they are given credit for! I know this is a big statement, but time and time again, it is proven right by the families that I work with. People with a developmental disability have chronic low expectations placed upon them that enables their disability. I’m sure you’ve seen this happen to your loved one. But… you also need to think about how you might be enabling your loved one’s disability. You are the biggest advocate for your loved one’s growth, but you can also be the one that is holding them back. Click below to learn more about how you might be holding your loved one back and how you can help your loved one continue to grow.

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  • I am super guilty of this! I am a grandparent raising my DS/ASD 11 yr old granddaughter & mostly out of guilt I do this. Her mental capacity is at about a 2 yr old but I know that even 2 yr olds can do things if taught. I go against my own feelings as well knowing that at my age I am not going to be around as long as I would like so fostering her independence SHOULD be my TOP concern with her! I definitely need to fix this NOW!!

  • I lived a life of low expectations, it isn’t healthy. Having people take over and do things for us is mentaly harmful, yes I need help at times, but it’s frustrating when people do things for me when not asked.
    Also it’s teaching your loved one with a disability to ask for help when they need help and teaching them not to be afraid to ask for help.

    As a person with Mild Intellectual Disability, you will find I am Capable, sure it takes me a lot longer to learn, and some things it takes me a bit to understand, but it doesn’t mean I can learn or I can not do things.
    If I fail, it’s not the end of the world.

  • I am always reminding our son to be careful, to watch out for, to avoid certain things…..I give the list of consequences however he may learn better if I allow him to learn by his OWN choices and / or mistakes 🙂

  • How can u use the pull method with getting your child do things?
    Laundry, set table etc without always reminding & having to check that it’s being done.

  • I tend to do everything for my adult daughter, mostly out of guilt. We were in a car accident when she was six. Our family was hit by a drunk driver. My daughter has a severe head injury and is non-verbal. I wish it had been me instead of her. I do know she is more capable than I really give her the chance to be. I need help to know how to change my thinking.

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