Getting Other Family Members On Board

July 31, 2021

Family isn’t always easy. There are usually different opinions in my family, and we don’t often see eye to eye at first… especially when it comes to my sister. Your family experiences differences in opinions as well. And the question is, how do you get alignment in your family and work together to move forward. In this video, I share four (4) tips for you to get your family unstuck and moving forward together. Click the short video to learn how.

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  • I think that all 4 tips are really helpful in overcoming conflict and finding ways to make sure you keep having conversations and can do that shared learning and sharing of positive experiences and success which we all need to keep going. Great tips and approaches, Eric, thank you.

  • Well I think you are fantastic and even if I can’t do most of your suggestions I do love that you are out there making a difference!

  • Thanks for this info Eric! Makes sense but easily forgotten over time. I’m going to try the shared successes with my husband in the short-term then some shared learning.

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