The Fear Of Success

August 3, 2021

Is the fear of success holding back your loved one’s independence? Wait a minute… I know you’ve heard about the fear of failure, but the fear of success? You worry about your loved one with a developmental disability failing. But… What if they succeed? What would that mean for us? It turns out, as caregivers, we have a fear of success as well. And the fear of success can keep you just as stuck as the fear of failure. The fear of success and failure also work together to keep you double stuck!
In this video, you’ll learn about how the fear of success might be holding back your loved one’s progress and how you can lean into success instead of fear it. Click the short video to learn how.

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  • What if the fear of success is on the part of your loved one? For example, “I don’t want to be more independent because then I might have to move out of mom and dad’s house.” (We have never said this, by the way, but he has two brothers who have moved out and moved on.) We tell him that he can stay if he chooses but we are trying to give him choices for when we can no longer care for him.

  • When my daughter is successful at something the fear comes that she is moving closer to leaving home and I’m not ready to let her go nor am I fully prepared with the steps
    for that outcome to happen.

  • i am thrilled by the things my daughter is learning and doing around the house. That isn’t a problem for me. Thinking about the possibility of her living on her own one day, that’s a tougher one to swallow! Its down the road for us so hopefully as she learns and grows I will be more willing to let go!

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