From fear to excitement for her son’s future…

April 3, 2021

Allison used to believe that Cameron’s adult life would be spent in segregated settings, and at some point, he would live in a group home.┬áNOT ANY MORE! Cameron is building a support circle full of people who care, he’s working on getting a paid job, and his life skills are growing exponentially! Allison has gone from sadness and fear of what’s going to happen for Cameron to waking up excited to support Cameron to live his Awesome ‘Ordinary’ Life. Cameron feels this is a life his birth mom will be proud to see him live.
This is what it looks like when you believe your loved one can live more independently and take small steps forward…

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  • Congratulations Cameron and Allison! You are an inspiration to continue one step at a time towards an Awesome Ordinary Life.

  • Great video! Allison come across as very engaged, bubbly, and excited! This is very uplifting!! Opens my eyes up to all the possibilities.

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