Using Technology to Improve the Safety of your Loved One

July 27, 2023

Discover the power of supportive technologies for individuals with developmental disabilities. I’ll show you the potential of GPS tracking and video monitoring, which can create a safety net for your loved one and promote independence.

I also address privacy and consent when using these technologies, while acknowledging the positive impact these tools can have on your loved one’s life.

You’ll learn about user-friendly options like “Find My iPhone” to more sophisticated devices like AngelSense Tracker. Additionally, I explore real-time support through video doorbells and peephole cameras, offering peace of mind, especially when your loved one is home alone.

As you plan the future for your loved one, embrace technology to increase safety and independence.

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  • Thank you Eric. We have used the Gizmo watch through Verizon as a simple GPS option and limited contacts. Unfortunately, my son had a hard time keeping the watch on and eventually lost it. We also have video monitoring in our house that allows us as his parents to start giving him more independent time at home and the safety that we can check in on him remotely. There is no subscription with our videos, it runs off WIFI, so it was just the initial cost of the cameras. We have one in his room, the kitchen/livingroom area and one outside as he goes out to swing often. That is through Eufy Security. You do need a smart phone to download the app to be able to view remotely.

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