3 Ways to Make the Holidays Easier For Your Loved One with a Disability

December 9, 2023

Curious how to make the holidays a little easier for your loved one with a developmental disability?

I’ve got three (3) game-changing ways that will not only bring joy but also create a sense of inclusion and connection.

1. Give: Consider supporting your loved one to gift something that took effort to make – perhaps homemade cookies or a homemade good. This not only spreads the holiday spirit but also showcases your loved one’s capabilities. It’s a simple act that communicates volumes, helping others see them for the amazing person they are.

2. Contribute: At gatherings, help your loved one find a valued role. Whether it’s setting the table, assisting with dinner, or welcoming guests – giving them a purpose creates a sense of contribution and belonging. These roles not only make your loved one feel valued but also show others the unique strengths they possess.

3. Space: Understanding and respecting your loved one’s comfort level is crucial. If the holidays become overwhelming, communicate that it’s okay for them to engage only as much as they feel comfortable. Designate a safe space they can retreat to when needed, ensuring they have control over their environment.

Excited about these strategies? I invite you to watch the video where I dive deeper into each point, providing insights and examples that can make a significant difference for your family this holiday season. Click below to watch now.

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Written Transcript of Video:
The holidays can be tough, especially for individuals with developmental disabilities. If you’re facing this challenge with your loved one, I’m here to offer three ways to make the season a bit easier. I’m Eric Goll, a family coach deeply invested in supporting families like yours. Before we delve into these strategies, if you’re eager for more tips on helping your loved one lead an awesome ordinary life, hit that Subscribe button to stay tuned for my upcoming videos.

Recently, many families shared with me the struggles their loved ones with developmental disabilities face during the holidays. It could be feeling isolated, uncertainty in engaging with others, or simply a preference for solitude due to sensory challenges. Regardless of the reason, these three points can make the holiday season more manageable for both you and your loved one.

1. Give: Consider thoughtful gifts that require effort, like homemade cookies. This not only spreads holiday joy but also showcases your loved one’s capabilities. It’s a chance for them to be creative, learn new skills, and engage in the festivities. Such gifts help others see them as capable individuals, creating connections within the community.

2. Contribute: In social gatherings, support your loved one in finding a valued role, such as welcoming guests or helping with tasks. This not only boosts their confidence but also enhances their sense of belonging. By contributing, they become an integral part of the event, making interactions smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

3. Space: If the holiday hustle becomes overwhelming, ensure your loved one knows it’s okay to engage only for the time they’re comfortable with. Establish a quiet space where they can retreat for self-soothing or alone time. These three strategies complement each other, creating an environment where your loved one feels valued, contributing, and comfortable.

If you found these strategies helpful, consider subscribing to my channel for more valuable resources. Additionally, for those seeking further guidance on fostering independence in their loved ones, check out my “7 Strategies for More Independence” PDF guide. I’m Eric Goll, and together, let’s take a small step forward toward an awesome, ordinary life.

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