5 Principles To Create A Home with your Loved One, without getting stuck on the housing.


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✅  5 principles to creating a home (that's not a group home.)

✅  Why creating a home is different than 'housing'

✅  4 essential questions to create the best home with your loved one.


BONUS Included: 8 insights from families that have created individualized homes.

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Eric Goll and his sister Sarah

Eric Goll, the author of The Starter Guide To Creating A Home, is a family member and family coach. Eric began by helping his sister with a developmental disability move out of mom and dad's and into a home of her own. Eric has gone on to coach over 150 families to support their loved one with a developmental disability to gain more independence, including; gaining employment, increasing their capability, building more relationships, and creating individualized homes.

Eric Goll Family Member, Family Coach & Founder of Empowering Ability

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