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In this FREE guide, you'll discover the exact strategies that thousands of families are actually using to dramatically (and consistently) grow their loved one's independence, regardless of their developmental disability.

If you want more independence for your loved one with a disability, you're in the right place!

As a parent, you're dedicated to supporting your loved one to have the best life possible! However, helping your loved one find the motivation and interest to build their independence can be tricky...

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  • How to increase your loved one's motivation and engagement by shifting from a "Telling" to a "Collaborative" approach.
  • Strategies to improve decision-making with your loved one, increasing their confidence and autonomy.
  • Insights into breaking tasks into manageable steps, establishing routines, and create positive momentum.

Hi, I'm Eric Goll

For me, this is mission born out of love for my sister and a deep commitment to ensuring that people with developmental disabilities can lead the Awesome Ordinary Lives they deserve. It was through helping my sister transition from our parents' home to her own apartment that I realized the tremendous potential for people with developmental disabilities to lead fulfilling, independent lives.

Recognizing that my family's situation was not unique, I've dedicated myself to helping other families make these life-altering transformations. As a certified coach, I combine my personal experience with professional expertise to provide tailored guidance to families.

Through my work with thousands of families, I've learned what works and what doesn't, allowing me to guide you more effectively on this journey.  I am here to help you support your loved one to live the meaningful, independent life they deserve.

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