Want to increase your loved one's motivation and ability to do more ‘everyday’ things on their own?

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"Without this workshop we'd still be standing still." -Donald (father)

What you’ll discover in this (free) 

'Growing Independence Workshop':

  • 1) Understand the REAL reason why your loved one isn't motivated so that... you can effectively coach your loved one to grow, and breakdown their learned helplessness.
  • 2) Learn to decrease prompting so that.. your loved one does more on their own! It is tiring for both you and your loved one when you're always telling them what to do. 
  • 3) Discover how to build up your loved one's ability so that... your loved one is contributing at home and you will know that they have the skills to be safe. 

You'll learn the step-by-step process to help your loved one grow their independence while maintaining, and even increasing their safety in this workshop!

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(Eric & his sister, Sarah.)

Event Host: Eric Goll, is a family member and family coach. Eric began by helping his sister with a developmental disability move out of mom and dad's and into a home of her own. Eric has gone on to coach over 500 families to support their loved one with a developmental disability to gain more independence, including; managing their self-care, making meals, taking care of their home, and engaging in ordinary community. 

Eric Goll - Family Member, Family Coach, & Founder of Empowering Ability

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