The 5 step process to support your loved one be more independent.

Learn simple strategies to grow long-term independence.

[LIVE: July 26 @ 7 PM ET]

Help your loved one with a developmental disability grow their independence!

Eric Goll and his sister Sarah


Eric Goll

Family Member, 

& Family Coach.

Independence Workshop July 26th @ 7 PM ET

This Training Workshop is going to help you grow your loved one's independence! If you can't make it live, register and I'll send you the replay!

What you’ll get in this (free) Workshop:

  • Start Taking Action.  You want your loved one to be able to be more independent, so that when you can no longer care for your loved one, you know that your loved one will be okay. I'll guide you to start taking action with small manageable steps.
  • Learn the 5 step Independence Coaching Process. Your loved one can grow their independence, and YOU can help them! I'll show you the process that works so that you aren't wasting your time.
  • Connect with Others. You're not alone! Many other families have gone through simliar experinces. I'll be sharing from my family experiences, and the experiences of the other families that I've worked with to help you feel less alone, and more supported.

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Event Host: Eric Goll, is a family member and family coach. Eric began by helping his sister with a developmental disability move out of mom and dad's and into a home of her own. Eric has gone on to coach over 300 families to support their loved one with a developmental disability to gain more independence, including; gaining employment, increasing their capability, building more relationships, and creating individualized homes. 

Eric Goll - Family Member, Family Coach & Founder of Empowering Ability

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