Learn How Elaine Shifted From Caregiver to Coach and Created an Awesome Ordinary Life with Spencer

February 17, 2023

In this conversation, Spencer and Elaine share how they went from butting heads with each other to collaboratively creating an Awesome Ordinary Life for Spencer. It’s a story that I believe will resonate with many parents, especially those who have struggled to find a way forward with their loved ones during the pandemic.

For Spencer and Elaine, it felt like other people were picking up their lives after COVID restrictions eased, and they were stuck in isolation. Spencer shared that he didn’t want to leave his bedroom and was on the edge of depression. But when Elaine shifted from being the caregiver to the coach, they took some big steps forward together.

One big step forward was starting Spencer’s support circle of friends, which is a group of people in intentional, reciprocal and freely given relationships with Spencer. Through this, Spencer’s confidence has grown, and he’s exploring his interests in the community. He even landed a paid part-time job!

I believe that this conversation will be helpful and inspiring for any parent who wants to create an Awesome Ordinary Life with their loved one.

Click the video below to learn from Elaine and Spencer!

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