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The Life Plan Conference 2024:

Create a Life Plan For Your Loved One with a Developmental Disability Easier and Faster.

In this On-Demand Conference, I will help you build your loved one's step-by-step Life Plan using the entire Life Planning method I used with my family and 700+ other families. 

Even if you have no experience building a life plan.


Discover How To Help Your Loved One Live Their Best Life with a Life Plan.

You will walk away from this conference with a Life Plan that will help your loved one to: 

  • Prepare for independence
  • Build relationships
  • Create a home of their own
  • Get more support
  • And, live their best life in community


Eric Goll

At first, Eric's sister felt stuck at home, and his mom was exhausted from caregiving. They thought a group home was the only solution. But Eric got involved and helped his sister move into her own apartment and engage in the community. His mom found relief from caregiving and could just be a mom. Now, Eric has assisted over 700 families in creating a better life.


Because Your Loved One CAN Have an Awesome Ordinary Life...

Your loved one does NOT have to live a 'special' life where they are totally dependent on you and confined to a limited life in a day program or group home.

Your loved one CAN have an Awesome Ordinary Life with:

  • Increased independence
  • Genuine (unpaid) friendships
  • Inclusion in their community
  • Gainful employment
  • A home of their own
  • Supportive long-term relationships
  • Decreased dependence on you
  • Enjoying a life of their own

And You Can Have More Freedom For BOTH You & Your Loved One...

For you, as a parent the opportunities are just as profound...

Your worries about your loved one’s future will be replaced by a clear Life Plan and you’ll have the skills to implement it.

As you see your loved one grow, your own life will find new balance, giving you the freedom to explore your own interests.

It's not just about planning for the day you're no longer there; it's about enhancing the quality of life for both of you, every single day.

So, if you're tired of lying awake worrying about your loved one's future, I invite you to change that story.

Hear What People Have To Say...

"This was a blessing for me and my son. My son is now doing laundry, taking out trash, making his grocery list, helping with other chores and preparing some of his own meals and even more."

LuAnn Giannotta // Mother

"My brother now has his own home, in an apartment with a supportive roommate. In a short time, he is shaving himself, keeps his room clean and walks with his head held high!"

Bridget Gimbi // Sibling

"This is the all-in-one comprehensive plan all parents need to help guide and plan their loved ones' lives. It quickly becomes the community you have always hoped you would have."

Karen Romualdi // Mother

The Life Plan Conference 2024:

To create the Life Plan for your loved one with a disability needs to life an Awesome Ordinary Life.

I will give you the exact step-by-step Life Planning framework.

Now, the 7-Steps in the Life Planning framework are nowhere near as intimidating as it might seem.

Some of these steps are just conversations that you can have with your loved one that will drastically increase your loved one's independence.

You can even partially follow these steps and still improve your loved one's independence, relationships, and positive future outcomes.

How Does the Life Plan Conference 2024 Work?

1. Register for the Conference

Once you register you will be able to access the first module of the conference instantly in the Empowering Ability Learning Portal! You can go at your own pace, and start and stop at any time.

2. Learn the Life Planning Process

Eric will teach you to unlock more of your loved one's capability, reduce caregiving, and build your life plan. You will also learn directly from families who are already using the Life Planning Process.

3. Build Your 7-Step Life Plan

Eric will show you step-by-step how to build an awesome ordinary life, including; growing skills, building relationships, contributing in community, a home of their own, and getting the right supports.

The Life Plan Conference 2024 Will Show You...

  • The FULL 7-Step Life Planning model step-by-step for your loved one's best life. (10+ hours of training)
  • Strategies to prepare your loved one for independence so that you can do less caregiving.
  • How to help your loved one build neurotypical friendships so that people are there for them.
  •  Best practices on how to get and keep paid employment.
  • How to design and implement the best individualized home for your loved one.
  • The best way to set up the right supports to help your loved one live their best life.
  • The EASY way to implement your Life Plan with simple small steps.
  • How to help your loved one live their own Awesome Ordinary life, instead of just a "special" life.

Registration for the Life Plan Conference Closes TODAY:


Registration is ending right now.


Hear What People Have To Say...

"There was a huge divide in our family. We went through a huge transformation through this Life Planning process. We discovered that our daughter is a lot more capable than we ever gave her credit for."

Kim Fox // Mother

"I didn't think that my son would have many friendships, be able to cook independently, or have paid employment... and it ALL happened!"

Allison O'Connor // Mother