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There is better than a 'Special Needs'  life for your loved one...

Discover how to create their 'Awesome Ordinary' Life !

Join this (free) LIVE online 'Life Plan Workshop' to discover the 7-Step Life Planning process for a better life. 

LIVE ONLINE: February 28th & March 2nd @ 7 PM Eastern Time. 

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"We went from being overwhelmed and fearful about our son's future to having hope by building a vision for his future." - Joni (Mother)

What you’ll discover in this (free)
'Life Plan Workshop':

  • 1) Understand the REAL reasons why you're feeling stuck so that... you can move past the fears that are stopping your loved one from living their own adult life.
  • 2) Discover "Awesome Ordinary" life possibilities so that... your loved one can have more opportunities to build more relationships, contribute in the community, gain employment, and create a home of their own.
  • 3) Learn the 7-step proven planning pathway so that... you have clarity on the exact steps to take to support your loved one to get off the "Special Needs" path and live an "Awesome Ordinary" adult life!

**You will get this live training, plus bonus tools and resources! You'll also get access to the live training replays.

Your FREE Two (2) Part Workshop Includes:

There is so much content in this workshop that I've had to break it into two (2) 90-minute workshop sessions.

Part #1: How to Start Building Your Life Plan - February 28th @ 7 PM Eastern Time.
In Part #1, you'll discover how to help your family member shift off of the "Special Needs" path and onto the "Awesome Ordinary" life path. You'll also learn the #1 reason why life plans fail, and you'll learn how to avoid this colossal mistake. 

Part #2: The 7 Step Planning Pathway - March 2nd @ 7 PM Eastern Time.
In Part #2, you are going to discover the complete 7-step planning pathway to help your loved one live an "Awesome Ordinary" life.

PLUS: You'll get access to the private family Facebook Group, family success stories, workshop replay videos, and extra surprise bonuses along the way!

You might be wondering why this workshop is free? Well, my family struggled to support my older sister to create her own life, and I don't want you to struggle like we did. I want to give you the solid foundation to create an awesome ordinary life plan with your loved one!

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Live Event Host: Eric Goll, is a family member and family coach. Eric began by helping his sister, Sarah, who has a developmental disability to move out of mom and dad's and into a home of her own. Eric has gone on to coach over 500 families to support their loved one with a developmental disability to gain more independence, including; gaining employment, increasing their capability, building more relationships, and creating individualized homes. 

Eric Goll - Family Member, Family Coach & Founder of Empowering Ability

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