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Almost done confirming your spot in the Life Plan Workshop...

I'm absolutely thrilled that you've decided to join our Life Plan Workshop! Let's make sure you're fully prepped to help your loved one build an Awesome Ordinary Life Plan. Here are 4 quick steps:

Step 1: Get The Inside Scoop

There's a brief video waiting for you. Click and watch it to get the need-to-know details about the workshop. Trust me, you won't want to miss this!

Step 2: Save The Date—Literally

Don't risk forgetting! Click the button to instantly add the workshop date of October 17th, 2023 at 7 PM Eastern Time (Toronto/ New York) to your calendar! This way, you're one step closer to building an Awesome Ordinary Life for your loved one.

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Step 3: Be Part of Our Community

We have a private Facebook Group exclusively for family members like you. Click to join and meet other courageous moms who get exactly what you're going through.

Step 4: Confirm, Confirm, Confirm!

Head to your email inbox and shoot me a quick reply to confirm your spot. You'll find your workshop confirmation email there within 5 minutes of registering. 

(And don't forget to look in your spam/ promotions folder just in case, and mark it safe.)


Please check your email for the confirmation message!


Done all four? You're Amazing!

You've set the stage for an incredibly meaningful journey. I can't wait to dive deep with you in our Life Plan Workshop on October 17th, 2023!

Didn't Find the Confirmation Email? No Worries!

1) Look in Hidden Places: Check your promotions & spam folders. Mark the email as 'safe' and add [email protected] to your whitelist. You'll need those login details that are coming your way.

2) Still Missing? Reach Out: If you still can't find it, no stress—just shoot an email to [email protected], and we'll get you those confirmation details pronto.

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