Secure an Amazing Future for YOUR Loved One with a Developmental Disability.

In this FREE guide, I will teach you the exact Life Planning method I used with my family to help your loved one to...

๐ŸŒฑ Prepare for independence ,

๐Ÿค Get more support, 

๐Ÿ  Create a home of their own, 

๐Ÿ’–And live a fulfilling life with friends and family.

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Eric Goll

At first, my sister felt stuck at home, and mom was exhausted from caregiving. We thought a group home was the only solution. But we started exploring alternative solutions, and helped my sister move into her own apartment. Mom found relief from caregiving and she is now just mom. I took what I learned with my family and I've now assisted over 700 families in creating a better life with their loved one.

What Families Are Saying...

โ€œI was fearing my daughter's future. But now I have a sense of hope and excitement for the life she will have with this plan.โ€

Marie A. // Mother

"Without this, we would still be standing still. I finally have steps forward!"

Donald O. // Father

โ€œThis has pushed me to finally help my daughter be more independent and allow me to be an empty nester.  I have renewed hope and excitement for the future!โ€

Jocelyn M. // Mother

The (free) Life Planning 101 guide gives you the exact 7-step planning process that these families used to help their loved one create a better life, and a more secure future.

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