How To Learn Life Skills

March 20, 2021

If you could change in the way that you think, and it would help your loved one with a developmental disability learn life skills at a rate faster than they ever have before… would you say yes to that? Well, it turns out that life skills aren’t learned in a program. Life skills and independence are learned under our own roof and in real-life opportunities.

In this video, I share the #1 thing that you need to change so that your loved one can grow their life skills and independence.

Scroll down and leave me a comment! Let me know if you’d like me to do more videos like this one on helping your loved one learn life skills and grow their independence?

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  • Watch, will surely like more Video of this kind would like to teach my daughter cooking, laundry, not much enthusiasm.

  • Thanks Eric. Yes I welcome more videos. I enjoy listening to your calm voice and it helps to put things into perspective – how simple we can make things just by changing our way of thinking and giving opportunities. Small steps, small steps.

  • Thank you for doing that video. I definitely would like to see more videos like this one. Take away today was to change MY way of thinking: progress not perfection. So, my 22 yo son does know how to do laundry, yet every week I feel like I am “dragging” him through the process. I need to know how to motivate him and get him to do this life skill on his own! He just started working 12 hours a week (3 days) and that seems to take a lot out of him. At the same time, he needs clean clothes and to change his bed regularly! I know I need to change my thought process that it is easier for me to do it myself rather than argue about it, but if only that argument would end once and for all! Thank you, Eric!

  • Please more videos on this topic. What we find is that we can engage our son in the concept of learning the skills or performing the skills but he doesn’t really engage when it comes time to learn something or to carry out a skill in a timely fashion. Maybe something on setting reasonable expectations?

  • These videos are wonderful! I can not afford the program but any advice from you is welcome to help support my son to become independent and have the best possible life he can have! Thank you!!

  • Yes please to more videos like this Eric! This is really confirming to the changes we’ve made in thinking with our son on learning life skills. Most of us do think they’ll just learn them in a class or by osmosis somehow, but when we noticed that it wasn’t translating over time we made a concerted effort to teach more things at home. And now I have more time because the upfront investment in teaching skills at home has paid off in his now doing his own laundry, keeping room tidy, bathroom (work in progress :), making his own breakfast and lunch. Since covid his support person comes into our home, and is also part of the teaching team. This switch from being out in the community all the time to focussing on in-home skills has really paid off in a relatively short amount of time!

  • Hi Eric…even though we are still working through the last PMF course, I find your short videos very valuable to remind us of key points to helping our son, our loved one, moving forward and making progress…and how it starts with our own mindset! Thanks so much for the reminder for each of us to keep working on our ‘inner work’! Please keep up the great work!

  • For years I did everything because it seemed easier than
    taking the time to teach how to do things. Now I can see we ought to have let our child do things at her own pace and now she would be much more capable. Her sister always said things weren’t fair so she wouldn’t do anything. If both had been trying the same task at the same time they each would have learned things at their own speed and I probably wouldn’t be as burnt out as I am now. Since starting your course I am definitely working on “wins” now. I even find her
    sib is helping me to teach her the life skills she needs and we are finding she is very capable.

  • I really like this perspective! I am a parent myself and I also work with other families with a loved one with a disability. I’ll be sharing this insight with them as well as reminding myself 🙂

  • Thanks Eric, fantastic and timely reminder – video was a great “reset” especially in current times as we have been and continue to deal with many unexpected adjustments. More videos like this would be tremendously helpful.

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