Finding Meaningful ‘Activities’ During COVID

November 20, 2020

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We are in the midst of the 2nd wave of COVID, and winter is approaching, which leaves families asking; How do I support my loved one with a developmental disability to have a meaningful day during COVID?

There are reduced community opportunities, reduced support for many, and we are trying to manage the health risks. However, there are still opportunities to create a meaningful day by engaging in ‘activities’ in Ordinary sight. And, by ‘activities,’ I don’t mean the ‘special needs’ segregated type! 

In this video, I share what has been working well for families who have helped their loved ones build a routine and grow their independence during this COVID period.

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  • We have had the chance to implement this suggestion and it has worked well. But, in watching this I am reminded that we can add more responsibilities around the house to our daughter. My husband and I are both essential workers, so her contribution has made a difference to us as we keep reminder her!

    • Hi Simone, Awesome! I am glad to hear that these tips have made a difference, and continue to make a difference for your family!


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