My Sibling Story

June 19, 2021

“You’re such an amazing brother!” I can’t count the number of times I’ve been told this in recent years…

But, it isn’t really the truth… In this video, I share why I’ve been so involved in my sister’s life and how to approach sibling conversations in your family. Click the video below to learn more.

Leave a comment below! What connected with you in this video?

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  • So glad you shared feelings about being an great brother. Our Mother believes I worry too much about the future. And I also saw the end result of when parents die, after dependence.
    When complemented I say “Chris did all the hard work.”

  • Thanks for this Eric. It has given us something to think about. We need to have this type conversation with our other two adult children.

    Maryanne and Tom Iwasiw

  • Thank you, Eric. I have tried to put as many things as possible in place for my daughter so that hopefully, when her sister takes over she will be able to follow what I have put together with ease. Even so, there are still many things of concern to think about. Your encouragement to have more conversations is a great tool and thank you for that. Regards,

  • Hi Eric thank you so much for sharing it really hit the nail on the head for me re altruism when I get told “you’re a great mom. I don’t know how you do it. Etc” and the reality it’s I don’t feel like that, but pain I do. Thanks again for sharing.

  • Thanks for your comments about being a sibling. Very interesting to hear your perspective about your good work coming from a place of fear and guilt. Still commendable that you were able to turn that fear and guilt into action. I think this is a good thing for other siblings to hear. Will be sharing it with my ‘neurotypical’ son and daughter. Who are great people too!
    All the best to you and your family!

  • I think what resonated with me the most was to have conversations with sib regarding future planning . What role for their sib do they see themselves taking on (if any)? And letting them know I am not expecting them to take over with what I have been doing as a parent.

  • Thanks for your tips. They get me thinking more about how I can motivate my girl.
    Like u say. She’s been like this for 20 years. It will take time to get the motivation working.
    Appreciate all your help. I haven’t been able to go to all your meetings but do keep up with you

  • Thank you. This video I will show to my son’s only sibling. This may help her legitimize her feelings and concerns about how she will be part of her brothers team without the overwhelm. Three of her cousins have stepped forward to be part of his team of support. Thank you for all your insight, honesty and terrific videos!

  • Eric, I appreciated this particular video on your role as a sibling with a sister living with a developmental disability. I have followed you on occasion and given you praise for your work expanding from your sister to the collective in training and information to implement a person-centered approach for families and individuals experiencing disability.
    Your perspective as a sibling was filled with honesty and came from a vulnerable place. As a parent, I tend to get the same and like you, enjoy hearing the appreciation from others. However, I found that it took credit away from my daughter, who is the one who likewise is wonderful and worked so hard to get through the day to day challenges, who through her assertiveness expressed a desire to live independently from her father and I, as her siblings did. Who continues to guide myself and her support staff where she can be her best self.
    I do understand the diversity within the sibling population, some very involved, others take a step back and even some carry resentment. I heard another sibling, who has also made supporting individuals experiencing disability his life’s work, state, “My other siblings were not nearly involved with my sister, but I knew they always loved her.” So beautifully said. Thank you again for your work.

    • Hi Reva, Thank you for your comment and for following me. This video expresses my experience, and my experience cannot discredit anyone else’s experience – including your daughter’s.

      Your daughter’s experience is unique to her and is valid.

      The purpose of this video is not to discredit anyone’s experience. The purpose is to share my experience with the hope of encouraging conversations in our families about the sibling experience and future planning.

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