It is our purpose to support our loved ones with developmental disabilities to be valued citizens and create their own Awesome 'Ordinary' Life.


We support by providing families solutions that are tried, tested, and true by families. Empowering Ability creates free resources (guides, videos, podcasts & webinars) to pass on learned knowledge and wisdom from other families that have been there before. For families that want additional support, we offer the Independence Coaching Program, Life Plan Coaching Program Course and the Empowering Ability (EA) Club Membership.

We teach principled approaches that help people with a developmental disability increase agency over their life, and gain access to the 'ordinary' good things our community has to offer.

Society has taught us to believe people with disabilities are incapable. As families, we are guided into this incapability trap by the medical system, the school system, and our social networks. And we remain stuck in this incapability thinking until we can see our loved one in a different light. To get out of the incapability trap, we must break free of the 'Special Needs' narrative and open our mind to the possibility of an Awesome 'Ordinary' Life.

You might be thinking, what is an Awesome 'Ordinary' Life?! It is simply enjoying the everyday ordinary experiences, choices, routines, relationships, and lifestyle that the rest of society enjoys. If you're interested in supporting your loved one to live into their Awesome 'Ordinary' Life, you can get started by getting your free copy of 'The Ultimate Guide To Independence' by entering your email below.

Get the free guide that will help your loved one grow their independence, and shift into a life of possibility - an Awesome 'Ordinary' Life.


I am a family coach and brother to Sarah, who has a developmental disability. My 'soul' purpose is to empower people with developmental disabilities and their families to live awesome, meaningful, and yet ordinary lives.

My work is strategically designed to help people with developmental disabilities build valued societal roles by becoming contributing family members and contributing members of society.

Sarah (my sister) woke me up to the injustices that happen to people with developmental disabilities. It took Sarah yelling at me to finally realize that her voice wasn't being heard, and that she wanted control over her life. From this point on in 2015, I started listening carefully and supporting Sarah to live the life she wanted - including her own home, her own friends, and exploring her interests.

Realizing that my situation isn't unique, and many families experience these same challenges - I'm here to help other families make these awesome life transformations - just like Sarah and so many others have.

I live and work from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and through the power of technology I serve families across Canada and the United States. I've also coached families from the UK, Australia & New Zealand.