Our purpose is to empower families touched by developmental disabilities, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to cultivate an awesome ordinary life with their loved ones, while ensuring their care and support for today and the future.


This isn't just a career for me. It's a mission born out of love for my sister and a deep commitment to ensuring that people with developmental disabilities can lead the Awesome Ordinary Lives they deserve. It was through helping my sister transition from our parents' home to her own apartment that I realized the tremendous potential for people with developmental disabilities to lead fulfilling, independent lives.

Recognizing that my family's situation was not unique, I dedicated myself to helping other families make these life-altering transformations. As a certified coach from Royal Roads University, I combine my personal experience with professional expertise to provide tailored guidance to families.

Through my work with over 500 families, I've learned what works and what doesn't, allowing me to guide you more effectively on this journey. My dedication is unwavering. I am here to help your loved one transition into the meaningful, independent life they deserve.

Get the free guide that will help your loved one grow their independence, and shift into a life of possibility - an Awesome 'Ordinary' Life.


At Empowering Ability, we provide resources like PDF guides, videos, podcasts, workshops and courses to help you support your loved one to live their own "Awesome Ordinary" life.

As a parent of a loved one with a developmental disability, you are not alone. We understand the challenges you face, and we're here to help.

Society has taught us that people with disabilities are incapable, but we know this is not true. By teaching principled approaches, we help people with developmental disabilities increase their agency and gain access to the same everyday experiences and lifestyle that the rest of society enjoys.

We want to help you break free from the "Special Needs" narrative and open your mind to the possibility of an "Awesome 'Ordinary" Life for your loved one.

You might be thinking, what is an Awesome 'Ordinary' Life?! It is simply enjoying the everyday ordinary experiences, choices, routines, relationships, and lifestyle that the rest of society enjoys.

If you're interested in supporting your loved one to live into their Awesome 'Ordinary' Life, you can get started by getting your free copy of 'The Ultimate Guide To Independence' by entering your email below.