What To Do When Someone Uses The R-word

January 7, 2023

As the pandemic has eased, I have spent more time with people close to me and in ordinary community places.

And it has been alarming to me how many people are still using the R-Word!

It’s angered me and, at first, paralyzed me, leaving me unsure of how to respond.

But now, I am prepared, and I know precisely will instantly say.

I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences with people about you using the R-word… I created a short video to show you precisely what to do in these situations.

Click the video below to learn how to handle R-word situations.

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  • Great discussion. About time this is raised. It is so totally out of date and out of place these days. I wish i had had “Use Another Word !” in my head ready for when my own husband came out with the r word in front of noth of our kids… so ridiculous that we still need these 3 words today but unfortunately so true.

  • Great suggestion! Thank you. When people have used it around me and my son I’ve stayed silent and that’s not the right thing to do. I love this strategy and will definitely use it.

  • Excellent overview of how this devaluing and offensive term hurts relationships. Loved the clear, yet non-confrontational approach of “Use another word.” The person can then choose to ask why or ignore. Either way you stood by your values.

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