Small investments (with your loved one) that get big returns

January 29, 2021

I’m not talking about the stock market – I’m talking about the one thing that we invest every single day – our time & energy! What if you could make small weekly investments of time and energy that provide a huge return… Well, it turns out that “the small steps (investments) are significantly huge.” says Melodia (mother) about her daughter Sarah. By breaking down big goals down into small steps and putting our focus into the small steps families are making significant progress. (Yes, even during the pandemic)

In this video, I share how families are turning small steps (investments) into huge progress! I also share examples of how you can get started.

Scroll down and leave me a comment! What small step (investment) are you going to make with your loved one this week?

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  • My grown daughter gifted us a few boxes of Hello Fresh and when they came the instructions are very detailed right down to what pan/pot to get out and because of just starting to listen to you my brain went my son can do almost all of this! I had saw on my Facebook group 16+special needs group that someone posted these awesome plastic knives that cut like real knives but u cannot get cut by them so I ordered those and he is now able wash and cut and chop and do almost the entire meal (my son reads well so that is a help) And thanks to u I have created a Monster!(in a good way 😊)!! Right after lunch he starts asking when are we going to make dinner! It is exhausting but great too! The directions say food prep takes 30 minutes but it takes us an 1 1/2 – 2 and I have to lay down afterwards 🥴 but he enjoys it and now is becoming a part of making dinner even on non Hello Fresh nights… So also because of u changing my mindset I bOught him some black rubber gloves long ones with dogs at the top(manly)and guess who is doing dishes!! Yep he is doing most of the dishes we load the dishwasher and wash up the pans, plastic knives cutting boards in sink! Now I have started working with him to pick out his own clothes for the day! I also have applied these to my 14 year old non SN but LD son too! Thank you seriously thank you 😅!! I was stuck my son had a brain injury at 16 due to a doctors mistake then we lost the law suit due to the lawyers mistake in missing a filing deadline and it was a small time friend of family lawyer so we were screwed and I have been stuck in deep depression or long term shock I was diagnosed with PTSD ( my husband had just finished 8 months of chemo and a stem cell transplant and then the brain injury for my son and then myself my daughter and my SN son had to have surgery due to spinal fluid blockage we all now have 5 plates and 20 screws and found it was hereditary only 609 families in US so my 14 year will need also as an adult 😏 oh and our house burned down to the ground too and we lost everything but we were gone and even the dog was with us so there is your blessing but I found out that God does give u more then I can handle! 😔 But anyway you woke me up a bit with my son and we are now pushing forward to our 5 year plan of his own apt. With supports and 1 roommate who is deaf also like him!

  • I’m teaching my son Melvin who is 23 years old to buy groceries. Today we went to the supermarket and I gave him a list of 5 items to get, he got them all and met me after.

  • Dear Eric,
    I am starting a 5 year plan. I am researching housing. I love hearing your videos. Today I have embraced the Mom as a room mate role (slowly). I am going to raise my expectations of Josh, although he already does some chores. I am going to perceive the small steps as being hugely significant.
    Thank you. Nancy

    • Hi Nancy. Thank you for leaving a comment! I love hearing about the small steps you are taking! You’re going to make a ton of progress.

  • Thanks for the video. i work with my grandson with homework since 6th grade. He is now a senior in high school. I will be trying some small steps with him starting this week.

  • Hello! This is a pretty huge step, but I researched which high schools have the most tech. programs, and am now focused on moving to that area of my town, so my son, who will enter grade 9, can attend this school (that has four tech. programs, whereas all the others only have one or two). My son has been exploring woodworking and been building and selling items with his grandpa during the pandemic.

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