The Steps To Create The Best Life Plan

October 2, 2021

You need to have a plan for your loved one to live a good life, or as I like to say an Awesome Ordinary Life, but the question you’re probably asking is where do we even start?!! There are so many different areas of your loved one’s life that are important, and each one can feel like a lot of work to get going. And I know you have so many emails coming into your inbox from service providers on different programs for your loved one and it is overwhelming!

Well here’s the thing, most of those other emails in your inbox are going to keep your loved one on a one-way path to segregated ‘special needs’ options. And quite frankly, your loved one deserves better than the typical ‘special needs’ options. And there is better! An Awesome Ordinary Life is possible for your loved one.

I’ve created a short video for you to teach you how to think differently about creating an Awesome Ordinary Life with your loved one. This video gives you the 4 key things that I coach families to do that has helped their loved one with a developmental disability build greater independence, more relationships, contribute to the community, and create a home of their own. Click the video below to learn how to get your loved one on the best path… the Awesome Ordinary Life path.

P.S. If you want to go deeper with me on how to start an Awesome Ordinary Life Plan with your loved one, I’m inviting you to join me in this limited-time (free) Life Plan workshop LIVE on October 19th and 21st at 7 PM ET. Click the link below to get your free seat.

CLICK HERE to register for the (Free) Life Plan Workshop.

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