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Wow, what a great and growing resource!!!

"There is a huge range of material here. It's fresh, original and so relevant to the world we are navigating today. Whether you have a disability, are a parent, sibling, advocate, service designer or provider, strategist or thought leader there's something here for everyone. Please keep it coming!"

- Adelec

Recommended to listen to and reflect!

"I highly recommend this podcast series. I have downloaded them all and am taking them on long distance flights... well if I can hold out long enough till my next travels!! I have listened to a few of them and found them so interesting that I have already shared them with my team for their professional development. Another way I am sharing them is with the social movement we have started in New Zealand, building capacity as early intervention, with families who raise young children with disabilities or delays. These materials are a great complement to our curriculum, teaching parents to set and achieve goals for their children, their families and... themselves - as parents, we need to 'experiment' to find the right balance - we're in a marathon - not a sprint!! Thank you very much Eric for the rich material you collate and the way you weave your personal experience with each new contributor - unique and powerful!!"

-Dr. Annick Janson, Ed.Psychologist

Incredible Resource

"Thank you Eric for taking the time to help share these incredible stories and wisdom."