The #1 Life Skill For Your Loved One with a Developmental Disability | Autism

May 17, 2024

If you’re getting ready for your loved one to move out of the family home, there’s one important skill they need to learn.

And no, it’s not about cooking, cleaning, or handling money…

It’s about knowing how to ask for help.

Remember when you moved out for the first time? You probably didn’t know everything.

You learned as you went, and that’s okay.

But here’s the thing: your loved one needs to be able to ask for help when they need it. It’s the skill that keeps them safe.

Watch the video below to learn how to teach your loved one the essential skill of asking for help.

I’m Eric Goll, and I’ve helped over 700 families create life plans for their loved ones with developmental disabilities. Out of those, about 30 families have helped their loved ones move into their own place.

But you might ask, why so few?

It’s because moving out is a big deal. It takes time, and it can be scary for everyone, and not just our loved ones with disabilities.

Plus, your loved one might not be used to asking for help. They might have had people doing things for them their whole life. So, how do you teach them this skill?

First is by giving them the chance to figure things out, and when they struggle, encourage them to ask for help.

Next time you see your loved one working on something, take a moment to ask them how it’s going. If they need help, let them know it’s okay to ask.

It’s a simple way to build their confidence and show them they can reach out when they need to.

Ready to help you loved one reach the next level of independence?

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I’m Eric Goll, and let’s take a small step forward together.

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