The Truth Behind Disability Only Workplaces for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities | Autism

April 20, 2024

There’s a cafe a few towns over that hires mostly individuals with developmental disabilities.

You may have seen these types of businesses in your area: a cafe, a thrift store, or a packaging facility.

The family behind the cafe started it to provide employment for their daughter and to create opportunities for other people with disabilities.

A heartwarming story…

BUT once you look past the feel-good story, you can see the challenges with this model of employment for people with a disability.

In this video, I teach you how to think critically about employment for your loved one with a disability and set them up for success.

Go ahead and watch the video to learn more.

I know finding the right job for your loved one with a disability can be challenging, but you want to find the right employment opportunity.

To help you find the right employment opportunity, there are best practices that you can follow. And if you want to go deeper on this, I invite you to watch this podcast interview I did with Disability Employment Specialist Milton Tyree.

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