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Support your family member with a developmental disability to Beat Loneliness & Boredom during physical distancing with a 'Virtual Circle' of Friends!

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What is a 'Virtual Circle' of Friends?

A virtual circle is a group of 6 to 8 people that are in a person’s life, who want to stay connected virtually every week while physical distance is a barrier to in-person connection. A Virtual Circle provides daily social connection, lifts loneliness, and deepens relationships.

What are the benefits?

  • Get connection and meaning in your day during COVID-19 physical distancing.
  • Connect with people you love and trust every day.
  • Create and deepen lasting relationships and connection. (even past COVID-19)
  • Embrace technology and enhance your family member's communication ability.

Eric Goll

Your Coach in this FREE Training:

Eric Goll

Sibling and Founder of Empowering Ability

5-Step training to building a 'Virtual Circle' of friends:

  • Lesson #1: Identify Virtual Circle Members
  • Lesson #2: Making the Tech Easy & Meaningful
  • Lesson #3: Inviting People Into the Virtual Circle
  • Lesson #4: Get It & Keep It Going. (Including how paid support can help.)
  • Lesson 5: The Virtual Circle Call

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Learn how to create a 'Virtual Circle' of Friends for daily social interaction during this time of physical distancing!

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