What is a Circle of Support?

March 1, 2024

You want the best care for your loved one with a developmental disability, not just for now but for the years to come…

So, this is why your loved one needs a Circle of Support, sometimes called a Support Circle.

In the video below, I share what a Support Circle is, how it will benefit your loved one, and how to get started:

What is a Support Circle?

A support circle is one or more neurotypical people in freely given relationship with you loved one who have their back. The people in the support circle might explore interests with your loved one, help to make decisions, advocate, and more.

Let me tell you about Gabby and their support circle…

Gabby spent much of their time alone, lost in video games and TV shows.

Jane, Gabby’s mom, felt deeply worried about Gabby’s emotional well-being as they seemed to withdraw more each day, and adding to her concerns was the nagging question of who would be there for Gabby in the future…

On a positive note, Jane discovered the concept of a support circle through our work together.

In simple terms, a support circle is like having your own team of friends and family who are always by your side, ready to help out and keep you company.

Unfortunately, many individuals with developmental disabilities miss out on this necessary support because they’ve been isolated and may find it hard to connect with others socially.

Excited by the idea of a support circle, Jane reached out to five people who had the potential to truly value Gabby’s friendship.

Gabby embraced the idea, and soon, their life took a positive turn. With five supportive individuals to rely on, Gabby thrived socially, explored job options, and actively engaged in household activities.

For Jane, you can only imagine that the relief was real. Knowing Gabby had a support system beyond her brought peace of mind for the future. Check out the video to learn more.

Are you interested in nurturing more connections and preparing an extraordinary life for your loved one? Download my free Life Planning 101 Guide in the notes here.

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