What is Person-Centered Planning?

March 13, 2024

The ‘Special’ plan that others have for your loved one with a developmental disability is NOT a good one. (I.e. a group home and a day program.) But here’s the thing— your loved one can live their best life when you use Person-Centered Planning.

There’s hope, optimism, and a future full of possibilities waiting for your loved one.

This is why you must work with your loved one to build your own individualized life plan.

Person-centered planning is about building a life plan for your loved one that is individualized to them and leads to an awesome, ordinary future full of meaning and opportunities.

Watch this video to learn more about Person-centered planning and how to get started with your loved one:

Key Principles of Person-Centered Planning:

  • To look at the person as a valued citizen. (Not a burden.)
  • To help person in gain control over more decisions and have autonomy in their life. (Not all decisions made for the person.)
  • To find ways for the person to contribute in their community. (Not separated from society.)
  • To help the person explore their interests in ordinary ways. (Not just special programs.)
  • To support the person in building meaningful and freely given relationships. (Not just have just paid people in their life.)

Key Focus Areas of a Person-Centered Plan:

  1. Capability: Helping to prepare your loved one for more independence.
  2. Relationships: Building real friendships with people who will have your loved one’s back over the long-term. (beyond just paid supporters.)
  3. Contribution: Contributing in the lives of others brings a sense of meaning and purpose to you loved one.
  4. Home: Creating an individualized home that is best for your loved one.
  5. Support & Finance: Providing security and stability for their future, even without you.
  6. Awesomeness: Embracing their unique strengths and passions and celebrating what makes them uniquely them.

It’s all about making a plan that’s just right for your loved one.

And guess what? You’re not alone on this journey.

I’m here to help you every step of the way.

Join me in an upcoming Life Plan Workshop, where we’ll start creating an individualized Life Plan that is best for your loved one.

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