When Is the Right Time to Create a Life Plan for My Loved One with a Disability?

March 20, 2024

My sister Sarah, full of life and talents, found herself stuck at home for a decade after high school.

It was a wasted decade, and she missed out on the joy and contribution she could have experienced.

Society pushed my sister into isolation because of her disability, but after 10 years we found a way to support Sarah to contribute in community and live her best life.

Your loved one might be facing a similar situation; feeling stuck at home, stuck in special programs and uncertain about the future.

In this video, I share how you can help your loved one create their own awesome ordinary life and bright future.

But to make an Awesome Ordinary Life happen, we needed a Life Plan for Sarah.

Even if your loved one is still in school, it’s never too early to start.

And trust me, it’s never too late either.

My sister’s life took a positive turn when we created her life plan in her early thirties. It’s all about making a plan that’s just right for your loved one’s dreams.

And guess what? You’re not alone on this journey. I’m here to help you every step of the way.

Join me in my free Life Plan workshop, where I’ll guide you on how to create an Awesome Ordinary Life for your loved one. Together, we’ll pave the way for independence, friendships, contributions, and more.

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